[Chicago-talk] Strange file creation

Alan Mead amead at alanmead.org
Thu Oct 5 11:39:12 PDT 2006

Eric Ellington wrote:

>The whole thing is huge, but here is the whole makefile sub. I am
>thinking that @info is being filled with junk sometimes. Sometimes
>these files have function names like "Date_Cmp($d ". How can a list be
>filled with code from the program?
>sub makefile
>  {
>    my($date, $fn, @info) = @_;
>    my $filename = $fn . $date . '.csv';

The filename is being determined by the $date and $fn so it sounds like
you're calling this function wrong. 

Also, I would probably pass \@info when you call and catch it as $info
(and use it as @$info).

I'd be tempted to use the shift style to retrieve and verify the arguments:

sub makefile
    my $date = shift or die "Hey, \$date is empty!";
    my $fn = shift or die "Hey, \$fn is empty!";
    my $info = shift or die "Hey, \$info is null";

    my $filename = $fn . $date . '.csv';
  # ...

Of course, if $date or $fn could ever be zero then you need to check
more carefully. And if they have garbage, then they will pas this
test... you could make better checks. 


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