[Chicago-talk] Chicago.PM wiki updated

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Mon Nov 20 13:07:55 PST 2006

The Chicago.PM wiki is now running Socialtext Open     Mon Nov 20 12:57:26 CST 2006


Tags may now be deleted.  Tags that are not used on any page are
automatically removed. To delete an unwanted tag, go to the list
of tags, view all pages with that tag, and remove the tag from any
pages that contain it.

Improved support for HTML email. When a user sends rich email to the
workspace, it is converted to formatted wikitext with inline images.

Brought back the option to see "recently viewed" and "what's new"
in sidebar boxes, temporarily removed in Socialtext 2.0.

Extensive new searching features for file attachments.  With optional
external programs installed, the Socialtext page indexer can also
index the contents of many different file types, including:
     * Microsoft Word and Excel documents
     * RTF, PDF and PostScript documents
     * HTML documents
     * MP3 audio
     * generic XML documents
     * compressed zip files

The REST API has been updated.  Primary new features include:
     * /data/workspaces/:ws/homepage redirects to the current homepage
       of the workspace
     * /data/version contains the version number of the API
     * page collections have better titles
     * collections now support order=alpha
     * attachments are sortable by name (alpha) and size
     * utf8 path names are allowed
     * JSON representation is available for PUTting pages (helps with
       wiki imports)
     * when retrieving a JSON representation of a workspace, admins get
       a bunch of good info, non-admins get a small amount of  
       (still useful)
     * Dynamically generated WSDL file, instead of a statically
       served file.

The list view that shows pages with a specific tag now enables
column sorting.

Reduced the size of headings.  Headings (H1-H6) are, in general, too
large. As a result users often resort to starting with H2 or H3. That
breaks any chance of meaningful hierarchical data in wikitext. Users
are breaking semantics to get desired look-and-feel.

We now show tags in revision views.

The parameters for Apache::SizeLimit are now set in the httpd.conf.
These are read by Socialtext::Handler::Cleanup at startup time.
No more hardcoded values in the .pm files.

Includes in the Apache *.conf files now include "[^.#]*", instead of
the more limiting "*.conf".

In the "Save As" box for downloading attachments, we now suggest
a filename.

An old version of Text::Balanced was causing attachment indexing
to slow down because of the use of the $& special variable.  We now
require v1.99.0 of Text::Balanced that doesn't cause this problem.

User was able to add a tag while editing a page, which would stay
even if the page was canceled.

Tag deletion used to increment the revision number.

If you click on the "Your Watchlist" link on the dashboard, you are
taken to the watchlist page, but the Watchlist tab is not highlighted.
Now fixed.

Show "1 view" instead of "1 views".

Many other smaller fixes, and fixes in import-workspace and

Added .html to the Edit Tips refcard page.

Added permissions note to the UPGRADE docs.  Thanks to Dobrica
Pavlinusic for catching the error.

All config files are now generated with Template Toolkit, not
HTML::Mason.  This brings us a step closer to removing Mason from
Socialtext Open.

Removed unused /st-archive handler from Socialtext Open.

Added the --server-admin parameter to set the ServerAdmin parameter
in the Apache config.

Added the --support-address parameter to set the default support
address if it's not set in /etc/socialtext/socialtext.conf.

Removed dependency on File::Copy::Recursive.

Removed HTTP::BrowserDetect, replaced it with four lines of code in
two functions in Socialtext::BrowserDetect.  Saves 889K bytes of
memory usage in mod_perl.

Socialtext::Workspace::Importer no longer gets loaded in Apache,
since it's only used by the st-import-workspace utility.  Another 118K

All Perl and Javascript files now have copyright notices, plus
a t/copyright.t test to make sure new ones don't get added
without copyright.

Added an explicit --dev option to configure.  This is now available
as get_build_setting('dev').

Removed Apache::Reload as a prerequisite, unless you configure
with --dev.

dev-bin/list-module-deps now lets you pass --dev and --socialtext-open
options, which will load DevDeps.yaml and omit EnterpriseDeps.yaml,

Added a test file so that all .t files have shebang lines, strict
and warnings.

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