[Chicago-talk] BARcamp Chicago 2006, July 15-16

Jason Rexilius jason at hostedlabs.com
Wed Jun 28 13:41:50 PDT 2006

Hey Everybody!

BARcamp Chicago has finally found a venue and picked a date (15-16
July)!  It looks like July is going to be a great month for the Chicago
tech community with BARcamp and TECHcocktail (6th July).

So an early thought I threw out for a BARcamp project, that I would like
to explore with you guys and gals is this:

Build a web company, from concept to live-product, during the BARcamp
weekend.  Similar to the 24-hour dot com event done a while back by some
Swedish kids at the Wizards of OS conference in Germany.  Take a look at
their site for background: http://24hdc.com/

My idea is to take that a step further as a showcase for these things:
- the new RAD platforms (RoR, Cake/Drupal/et al., Django/Zope/et al).
- the new Business Model for start-ups, Going Bedouin
- Chicago talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit

I think it can also be a great way for the tech community to learn about
start-up details that we may not all know about being hidden safely away
in our job-cubicles.
So what I am proposing is that we make 3 teams, PHP, Python, and Ruby,
(wheres my perl peoples?), pick an idea or a topic, and build 3
companies.  A little friendly competition and exploration of ideas.

Does anyone have any interest for this type of a project?  Thoughts!

For more details see:


Chat more on the topic later...


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