[Chicago-talk] Volunteers still needed

Pete Krawczyk mongers at bsod.net
Fri Jun 23 08:59:55 PDT 2006

Hi, everyone!

We're still looking for volunteers to do the following:

Room moderators:
  Room moderators will help speakers get their slides ready to go, 
  announce speakers, make sure that speakers don't run over into other 
  sessions, and help oversee any question and answer sessions after talks. 
  Room minders will also announce breaks, lunches, and special events.

  Cameramen will work with the room moderators to make sure that the AV 
  system is properly setup and recording. They will also control the 
  filming of each talk.

These are the slots that are still available:

Room moderators:
  Monday,   1:30- 3:05 PM: Auditorium, Ballroom, Alumni
  Monday,   3:25- 5:00 PM: Alumni
  Tuesday,  8:30-10:05 AM: Alumni
  Tuesday, 10:25 AM- Noon: Alumni
  Tuesday,  1:30- 3:05 PM: Auditorium, Ballroom
  Tuesday,  3:25- 5:00 PM: Auditorium, Ballroom, Alumni

  Monday,  11:15 AM- Noon: Alumni
  Tuesday,  8:30-10:05 AM: Alumni
  Tuesday, 10:25 AM- Noon: Alumni
  Tuesday,  1:30- 3:05 PM: Alumni
  Tuesday,  3:25- 5:00 PM: Alumni

If you're going to be in any of these places watching talks, please 
consider taking one of the volunteer duties.  We're going to have to ask 
other people if they want to volunteer if no one else steps forward, and 
that looks very bad on Chicago.pm if that happens.  We want everyone else 
to be proud of the work our PM group has done for the conference!

If you want to volunteer, send me a message or sign up on the wiki 
(username and password on the last message sent).  Also, if anyone wants 
to be a "backup" in a slot already taken, please let us know - it can't 
hurt to have it.

Thanks (in alpha order) to Kent Cowgill, Jason Crome, Brad Doty, Mike 
Fragassi, Ryan Gerry, and Andy Lester for volunteering!

We will also be having a volunteer meeting on Sunday afternoon.  It is not 
required to be there, but we'd appreciate the help, and we'll have to 
corner you before your shift to explain your duties.

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
  mongers at bsod dot net

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