[Chicago-talk] YAPC Volunteerism

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 21:05:11 PDT 2006

It looks like there are still quite a few holes in the volunteer
sign-up sheet on the organizational wiki.  We will be opening this up
to the rest of the conference attendees in a few days, so if you are
interested in helping out, now is a good time to sign up.
Chicago.pm'ers first dibbs at volunteering and reaping the rewards of
your efforts...

  - Free entrance for a significant other to the Tuesday night
conference banquet.  These are tickets that we'll be selling for $50
each, which include dinner and four hours of free game play at Dave &
  - An invite to the speaker party that is happening the Wednesday
night after YAPC where you can kick back with many of the speakers who
will be at the conference, eat some of Uri's cooking, watch the Navy
Pier fireworks, and just take it easy because the conference will be

Sign-up at http://www.yapcchicago.org/orgwiki/doku.php?id=volunteer_coordination.
 The user/pass for the site is chi06/pap3rw0rk.  You'll need to create
your own user name to edit.

Thanks and see you at YAPC,

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