[Chicago-talk] Faking an LDAP server during tests?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Tue Jun 20 07:49:19 PDT 2006

Thanks for this.  What I realized from reading this is that I don't
actually need to load my module into Apache to test its functionality.
I can call the handler as though it were a regular subroutine.

However, this opens up the new problem of faking the Apache->request
object.  I think if I manipulate @INC to look for modules (first) in
"t/" while the tests are running, I can write fake versions of Apache
and Net::LDAP that will automagically load and suit my needs.

This isn't optimal, though, because I don't want to introduce bugs in my
tests by not doing a good enough job of faking Net::LDAP and Apache::*.

I think I will need to research this further and write a
Test::Apache::MockObject.  There should be a way to inject code into
modules loaded into Apache by loading another module to manipulate the
symbol table at the right moment.

Unfortunately I'm kind of busy until after YAPC, so this will have to
wait.  In the mean time, please feel free to provide additional
suggestions :)

Jonathan Rockway

Steven Lembark wrote:
> -- Jonathan Rockway <jon at jrock.us>
>> Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.
> Perl Testing Programmer's Notebook from O'Reilly
> (blue job with the pre-printed coffee stains).
> Extreme summary: Write a "fake" module that returns
> success/failure for a specific set of calls or a
> specific set of data for them. Call that class and
> record whether your client code properly recognizes
> the exceptions, returns, and failures. No reason you
> can't embed the fake class into your .t code.
> Once you have tested whether your code can deal with
> failures and baseline call syntax appropriately there
> really isn't more you can do without a "real" server.

> Sub::AutoStub does some of this for you easily by
> allowing the methods to return a fixed value via
> AUTOLOAD (i.e., saves you from having to hack out
> and maintain a bunch of stubs just for the one test).

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