[Chicago-talk] Faking an LDAP server during tests?

Elias Lutfallah eli at mortgagefolder.com
Fri Jun 16 21:29:11 PDT 2006


Off the top of my head, you could prompt for a live LDAP server to test
against. If none is provided, skip the test. I've seen some other
modules/software work this way. Chances are if someone is installing the
module, they have access to some LDAP server.

As far as faking one, I have no idea.

> I'm the author of the Apache::AuthLDAPBind module, which authenticates a
> user to Apache by binding to an LDAP server with the provided username
> and password (more on this configuration below).


Elias Lutfallah
Chief Technology Officer
Mortgage Desk, Inc.

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