[Chicago-talk] Templating bits

Andrew Rodland arodland at comcast.net
Fri Jun 16 14:17:14 PDT 2006

The discussion above about Mason and TT got me thinking about something 
interesting. At work we use Catalyst for our web apps, with a templating 
system that I'd never run into before: "Petal", based on Zope's TAL language. 
At first, I found it difficult and downright bizarre, but after about a 
month, I came to really love it. Why? Because it demands to work with 
well-formed XML, and works on the _structure_ of the document rather than 
just considering it as a load of text.

In fact, I'm just now wrapping up my first project to make really major use of 
Petal. Would anyone be interested in seeing a short project talk: "Dynamic 
website translation with Petal and Gettext" ? :)


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