[Chicago-talk] TT vs Mason

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Thu Jun 15 14:26:18 PDT 2006

> I understand that some people prefer the Template Toolkit over  
> Mason. I'd
> like to hear opinions an which system I should use for a database  
> driven
> web application. No articles or things posted by users, only  
> displays from
> the DB and the forms to update the DB. Not Slashdot, more like a  
> bank's
> website.

My feeling is that Mason is more given to componentization, but it's  
also more of a pain to deal with, IMHO.

TT is also more abstract in the sense that it's not tied to web pages  
like Mason is.  Mason can do generic templating, but it's more of a  

Personally, I prefer the TT metaphor of "pass some data into this  
template" rather than the Mason "here's a template with code in it."

There are O'Reilly books about both.  masonhq.com has the Mason book  


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