[Chicago-talk] announcing "techcoffee"

John Melesky list at phaedrusdeinus.org
Tue Jun 13 10:38:21 PDT 2006

Do you code on your own time?

Do you *actually* code on your own time, or do you plan to, but spend
more time cruising Digg and Slashdot?

Jason Huggins, from the Chicago Python group ( http://chipy.org/ ) had
the realization that motivation to code is like motivation to exercise
-- it might be easier if you get together with somebody else.

So he put together TechCoffee, which is, basically, a time to get
together and code. You don't have to work on the same thing as everybody
else (indeed, Jason's planning on working on a patch for a Python
project, i'm going to be hacking some Common Lisp code), just make a
commitment to be there, bring a laptop, and spend time coding instead of
surfing or slacking.

TechCoffee is going to meet monday mornings from 6-8am.

For those of you still reading, the first one is going to be at the
Caribou Coffee, on LaSalle St, just north of Lake St.

More info can be found at http://techcoffee.infogami.com/

Jason and i are committed to be there at 6am. We'd be happy if others
joined us.


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