[Chicago-talk] Perl distributed objects?

Jim Thomason jim at jimandkoka.com
Fri Jun 9 13:34:54 PDT 2006

I was right, I didn't know what to ask. Fortunately, I was vaguely
aware of other protocols and other transport methods and such.

Soap appears to be what I was looking for (specifically, SOAP::Lite,
in this case). It's not -quite- as slick as DO, but at first glance
the differences are virtually trivial (i.e., having to call ->result
to get back values instead of just receiving them).

So now I've just got to come up with a reason to use this knowledge,
and I'll be all set.


On 6/8/06, Jim Thomason <jim at jimandkoka.com> wrote:
> Boy, I don't even know exactly what to ask here...so bear with me.
> Is there a CPAN equivalent to Cocoa's Distributed Objects system? The
> objective-c guys in the room are hopefully already nodding and saying
> "Yes, that'd be neat." For the rest, I'll try and elaborate.
> Basically, distributed objects allows for transparent networking. You
> vend out an object for remote access, then a client comes along and
> connects up and grabs a proxy to that vended object. The client and
> server can then interact with each other as if they were local
> objects.
> Here's an example, say I have this object that does something:
> [anObject doSomething:withMe];
> And I want to change my code so anObject is actually sitting on a
> remote server. To do that, I'd need to change this code to say:
> [anObject doSomething:withMe];
> (obviously there's some other bits in terms of setting up the object
> that I'm omitting).
> But do we perl folks already have an equivalent generic module like
> this hanging around on CPAN? Other than searching for "distributed
> objects", I don't have an equivalent term to search for.
> Something that would allow me to just type in:
> $object->do_something($withMe);
> and just work, regardless of whether $object is sitting in my program
> or my thread or on my machine. While I wouldn't necessarily mind
> re-inventing this particular wheel, it's also not exactly something
> I'm jumping at.
> Any suggestions?
> -Jim.....

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