[Chicago-talk] Introducing the MadMongers

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Tue Jul 18 10:25:11 PDT 2006

Hey all! I haven't seen most of you in a while (except for some of you at YAPC), and 
that's because I've moved to Madison.

I'm proud to announce the formation of a new PM in Madison, Wisconsin called the 
MadMongers, aka Madison Area Perl Mongers, aka Madison.pm. We're the only Perl Mongers 
group in Wisconsin, so if you're in Wisconsin or northern Illinois you should check us 

Our first meeting will be held at the Great Dane Pub on the capitol square in Madison on 
Wednesday, August 2nd, at 7pm. It will be a social event to introduce ourselves and set 
the agenda going forward. We already have 14 members who will be there and a couple of 
you have already said you'd be there. I'm hoping if there are any Wisconsin lurkers on 
the Chicago.pm mailing list, I'll get their attention here. =)

If you're interested in joining the MadMongers, attending the meetings, or just hanging 
out on the mailing list, check out our web site: http://www.madmongers.org

JT ~ Plain Black
ph: 703-286-2525 ext. 810
fax: 312-264-5382

I reject your reality, and substitute my own. ~ Adam Savage

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