[Chicago-talk] PPW

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 20:39:00 PDT 2006

>From what I can tell, the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop has extended their
call for papers through tomorrow.  If you want to give a talk this
would be a good opportunity to show off how you use Perl at work.

I'm planning on going to the workshop and could carpool if someone
else wants to go.

Here's the latest message:

On 23 September 2006 the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will take place at
Carnegie Mellon University.  The idea is to have a low-cost, one-day
conference on the theme of "Perl at Work":


Although the call for talks has officially ended, we know that some
excellent would-be speakers need just One More Day to get their
proposals in.  No problem:  If you submit your proposal in next 48
hours, we will extend the deadline for you.  Don't delay!

The submission process is refreshingly easy.  Just write a quick email
and send it to us.  The following page shows you how:


Why give a talk?  This is an exciting chance to be a part of history.
While Perl workshops have had great success in Europe, PPW 2006 will be
the first U.S.-based workshop of its kind.  Several prominent members
of the Perl community, such as brian d foy (co-author of Learning Perl,
4th Edition and Intermediate Perl) and Peter Scott (author of Perl
Debugged), will be speaking at the workshop.  If you have something to
say about "Perl At Work", shouldn't you be there, too?

This is *your* event.  Seize the day!

Bottom line:

If you are interested in speaking at the soon-to-be-legendary
Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2006, this is your last chance. Get your
proposal in NOW!  Here's how:


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