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Nola Stowe mrnicksgirl at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 10:14:03 PDT 2006

Thought some of you may be interested:

BARcamp Chicago ( http://barcampchicago.com/ ) is on for  15-16 July at 648
w Randolph.

 BARcamp is looking to be a good weekend and will be a combined event
with the Chicago Linux Users Group meeting.  There are close to 70
people expected for BARcamp plus the Linux User community..  So far the
agenda looks to have the following in the mix:

1) 48 hour dot com project - a showcase for the RAD development
platforms, Chicago tech savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.  Friendly
competition of RubyOnRails, PHP, Python in building agile user
applications.. (see:

2) Discussions on building scalable high-performance next-gen web
applications (see:
http://jasonrexilius.com/GloballyDistributedWebCluster.php )

3) Building a Chicago coworking environment (see:
http://coworking.pbwiki.com/ )

4) Linux install fest and discussions (see:
http://luni.org/wiki/index.php/Conference )

 The after party will be Sunday night at Rodan on Milwaukee, (see:
http://www.rodan.ws/default.html )

 We have a few sponsors and many in the community have offered to help
bring supplies and equipment, but we are still looking for sponsors as
we have to rent the facility and pay for event insurance.

 We currently have the following companies offering assistance:
Brian Schoen of Real Network Solutions http://www.realnets.com/
Dan Ratner of SitterCity.com http://www.sittercity.com/
Sean Johnson of Intentionally Designed

 Also looking for any other discussion ideas or projects!  Check out the
site, reply to the email, give me a call or just show up!    We are
short on the Java side by the way..  I know all the java people are
boring corporate stiffs but..  oh wait, save my language flame warring
for the event..  Also we are short Perl peoples... where are the rest of
the hackers?

 At any rate, I am looking forward to seeing you all there and hope
everyone had a good 4th!

- Jason Rexilius
jason at hostedlabs.com

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