[Chicago-talk] Hackathon projects

Al Tobey tobert at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 20:50:37 PDT 2006

> Like any large project, Perl has a large number of bugs.  Fortunately,
> Perl also has a large test suite to help ensure that old bugs don't
> return and many new bugs are discovered quickly.  Unfortunately,
> however, there have been many times where bugs have been fixed, but the
> actual bug reports have stayed open because the bug reports haven't been
> turned into test cases and added to the Perl core.  During the
> hackathon, I plan on working to convert as many bug reports as possible
> into test cases and add them back to the Perl core.  I'm also hoping to
> fix a few of the bugs along the way, combine duplicate reports, and
> otherwise clean up the bug queue even further than my previous work has
> done.
> Steve Peters
> steve at fisharerojo.org

It looks like there will be a few of us from GR.pm coming down for the
hackathon.   None of us (that I know of) are involved with perl 6 yet.
   Something like this would be great for our contingent to work on,
if somebody will help us get started.

Try to think about how you could divvy up the work for some people
coming to be workhorses.

-Al Tobey
President, Grand Rapids Perl Mongers

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