[Chicago-talk] Lincoln Park Zoo: Adopt a Camel

Warren Smith warren at warrenandrachel.com
Fri Aug 18 08:18:13 PDT 2006

I'm in for $25 and I've only been there once. If only we could get 
another 19 people. ** AHEM **


brian d foy wrote:
> For a measly $500, Chicago.pm can adopt the Camel at the Lincoln Park
> Zoo. It's a Bactrian (the two-humped sort), not the Dromedary on the
> front of Programming perl, but hey, it's a Camel.
> I already donate to the zoo, so I could just about cover most of this
> myself with what I already give them, but I figured I'd make it a
> group thing.
> With $500, we'll get a special zoo tour and animal encounter (in this
> case, may involve spitting) for up to 40 people, scads of swag, a nice
> 8x10 photo of the adopted camel (suitable for a website), our group
> name in the annual report of the zoo, and so on and so on.
> http://www.lpzoo.com/support/adopt/groupadopt.html
> For an extra $11.25, we can get a mascot:
> https://orderchannel.lpzoo.org/Shop/English/Desk/ProductDetails.aspx?Product=20064&Time=113024
> Although they have the Dromedary too:
> https://orderchannel.lpzoo.org/Shop/English/Desk/ProductDetails.aspx?Product=20110&Time=113221
> So far, the only other group to adopt the Camel is Franklin Community
> H.S. Animal Conservation 104, but they also adopted a tortoise and a
> fox, so I don't think they really care that much about the animal.
> Besides, we can kick their ass if it came down to a street fight, I
> bet.
> http://www.lpzoo.com/support/adopt/adopters.html

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