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Eric Ellington e.ellington at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 06:42:45 PDT 2006

I am so lost on what dates things may or may not happen on....

On 8/15/06, Mike Fragassi <frag at ripco.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, Joshua McAdams wrote:
> > > Ok Josh .. you pick... thursday or friday :)
> >
> > I'll be greedy and say Thursday because it works better for me...
> > seems to work better for most other people too.
> OK, then.  But I now feel justified in inflicting upon you a explanation
> for why I can't hang out this Thursday.  Every Thursday evening in
> Bucktown for the last few years, I've been tutoring middle-schoolers from
> the public schools.  (http://www.midtown-metro.org -- and note: I had
> *nothing* to do with the making of that site.)
> It's basically a Big Brother/Big Sister type program, with a structured
> set-up, meeting one student 2 hours a week in a classroom, with other
> student/tutor pairs also in the room, and focused on helping them in
> school.  The kids in the program all specifically choose to be in it
> because they actually want to do better in school, but need extra help:
> tutoring, but also maybe motivation, and some role models, i.e., someone
> who successfully completed high school, let alone college.  (No joke; the
> high school graduation rate in Chicago is only around %55.)
> And it so happens that they need volunteers for the fall!  If this sounds
> interesting to you, even just to check it out for a week to see if it's
> something you want to do, let me know.   If you volunteer, there are 3
> possible times to choose: Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, or Saturday
> mornings (10 to noon).
> Now, assuming your spam filters haven't already killed this message, I'd
> like to also note that I'm also running a 5k for them this Saturday on the
> lakefront.  Although this is my first 5k ever, so by "running" I mean
> "attempting to run, probably staggering in a delirious haze after the
> halfway point".  So, seeing as you're all going to be having fun without
> me, does anyone want to pony up some cash and sponsor me?  Don't do it for
> me, do it to ease your guilty consciences for ostracizing me from your
> reindeer/camel games.  Oh, and for the children.
> -- Mike F.
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