[Chicago-talk] Fw: [ANNOUNCE] first release of PerlWar (and request for beta testers)

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[ANNOUNCE] first release of PerlWar (and request for beta testers)

After way too long in the making, I am proud to announce that a first beta 
Perlwar is finally available to the public.

 "Glad to hear that. But what is PerlWar?"

PerlWar is loosely inspired by the classic Corewar game. In this game, 
pit snippets of Perl code (called 'agents') against each other in order to 

gain control of the vicious virtual battlefield known as the Array. The 
result is a Matrix-themed game mixing the cunning strategy of chess with 
mad h4x0r skills of hardcore Perl scripting. Or so this author hopes.

 "Sounds intringuing. Can you give us details?"

Gladly. The rules of the games are available at 

 "My interest's piqued. Is there any ongoing games I can peek at / join?"

An alpha-testing game is available at http://babyl.dyndns.org/pw/beta/. If 

this announcement generate some interest and beta testers boldly 
volunteer, I 
plan to have a beta game running by the end of this week.

 "Just for the giggles, can we look at the game engine's code?"

The module should hit a CPAN near you anytime soon. Be warned, though, 
this is release 0.01 of the module, and that the code ain't too pretty 
So gaze at it at your own eyeballs' risk. 


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