[Chicago-talk] October Meeting: Catalyst + Ruby On Rails

John W. Long ng at johnwlong.com
Mon Oct 10 19:55:00 PDT 2005

What time in the evening?


Jason Gessner wrote:
> Hello all.
> Please join the Chicago Perl Mongers for an exciting look at two MVC  
> web application frameworks.
> First, Jason Gessner will present an introduction and a couple of  
> practical examples of Catalyst.
> Catalyst is an up and coming addition to the LAMP stack, an Elegant  
> Web Framework, supporting the MVC pattern, as well as a number of  
> experimental web patterns. It's heavily inspired by such frameworks  
> as Ruby On Rails, Maypole, and Spring.
> Catalyst allows you to choose your favorite template language for the  
> View, and choose your favorite data access tool for the Model  
> portion.  Catalyst also provides a powerful plugin system with dozens  
> of available plugins to simplify coding tasks.
> The presentation will give a quick introduction to the framework and  
> then provide a couple of real world examples of Catalyst interacting  
> with Mason and Template Toolkit applications.
> The second part of the evening will be John W. Long of the Chicago  
> Ruby Users Group giving an introduction to Ruby On Rails.
>    Since its release just one year ago, Ruby on Rails has been building
>    steam. Web developers begin casually experimenting with Rails and  
> soon
>    find themselves creating web applications with more power and less
>    code than they'd ever thought possible.
>    Rails incorporates and dramatically simplifies many web development
>    patterns and best practices, yet much of the reason for the  
> success of
>    Rails lies in the Ruby language itself. In this next presentation,
>    we’ll explore the many facets of this elegant and powerful language
>    from Japan and what it may hold for the future of computing. We’ll
>    also take a bird’s eye view of the Rails framework and examine
>    insights of the systems that make up Rails.
> Meeting Details:
> When:  Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
> Where:   Performics
>                  180 N. Lasalle
>                  12th Floor
>                  Chicago, IL 60601
> If you are interested in attending the meeting, please RSVP to  
> jason at multiply.org by the morning of the meeting.
> Because the meeting is after  normal business hours, RSVP is  
> required, as well as a photo ID.
> About the Speakers
> Jason Gessner has been programming in perl for over 6 years, and has  
> been
> active in the local user groups for the last 3 years.   He is the  
> lead Search Developer at
> Performics, a leading Search Engine Marketing company.   He is  
> interested in catalyst
> and Rails primarily to stop doing boring web coding tasks and get  
> more interesting
> work done.
>    John W. Long has been an advocate of the Ruby programming language
>    since co-founding the Chicago Area Ruby Group in the fall of 2003. He
>    has three years of experience with the Ruby programming language,
>    coming to the scene well before Ruby on Rails was even an option. He
>    is responsible for several Web applications (some written in Rails  
> and
>    some not) where he works as a Web developer for the Institute in  
> Basic
>    Life Principles, a non-profit organization based out of Oak Brook. As
>    a member of the Ruby Visual Identity Team, he is hard at work
>    participating in an upcoming redesign of ruby-lang.org.
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