[Chicago-talk] Next YAPC::NA 2006 planning meeting?

José Castro jac at natura.di.uminho.pt
Tue Nov 22 02:55:55 PST 2005

* Joshua McAdams (joshua.mcadams at gmail.com) wrote:
> need to get some content on the website, as well as, some wikis.

One thing that worked great for us was to have new content available
every week or so, and have a mailing list where we would send
(ir)regular reports telling people what was new on the website and
what had been done during that week or two.

This kept people *very* interested throughout the year.

You can see our reports at the bottom of
http://braga.yapceurope.org/?SiteMap (add a little humour to them, as
it helps starting conversation on the mailing list).


Jose Alves de Castro <cog at cpan.org>

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