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Phalanx at YAPC::NA::2005

On Monday, June 27, Marc Prewitt and I will be making a presentation at 
YAPC::NA::2005 in Toronto entitled "Phalanx from the Trenches:  A Local 
Perl Users Group's Experience."

While the main focus of our talk will be on our experience with the Perl 
Seminar NY Phalanx contingent's work on Text-Template and HTML-Template, 
we would like to make reference to the experiences of other 
locally-based Phalanx contingents and of any Perl hackers working solo 
on phalanxing CPAN modules.

If you'd like to share your experiences, send me mail at jkeen [at] 
verizon [dot] net.  And if you are attending YAPC, we'd love to meet up 
with you there!

Jim Keenan

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