[Chicago-talk] TCP server.

Greg Fast gdf at speakeasy.net
Fri Jul 15 13:50:36 PDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 01:36:08PM -0700, Richard Reina wrote:
> I don't know how I can get another script ( the script
> that's executed eveytime caller ID inof is available
> from incomming calls ) to send info over that that
> established connection.  Any ideas on how I can do
> this?

You mean like this?

    # ...
    accept( $client, $server_sock );
    open( my $in, "/bin/date |" ) || die $!;
    while( <$in> ) {
      print {$client_sock} $_;

I don't have the Cookbook handy, so you might have to post some of
your code.

Greg Fast
gdf at speakeasy.net

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