[Chicago-talk] Edward Tufte in Chicago

brian d foy brian.d.foy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 23:14:45 PDT 2005

Edward Tufte is one of the gods of visual and information design, and
he's going to be in Chicago August10-11 (and in Madison on the 8th).


Although he doesn't talk about computers except to say that monitors
are the worst resolution you can pick. He is, however, all about
presenting information in a way that effectively communicates the
message in the best way possible. That's what computer programs are
all about, too. How strange is that?

I've been to his seminars, and I think Andy has too. If you get the
chance, go. Some of the stuff I learned in his seminar showed up in
patches to GD::Graph. :)

brian d foy <brian.d.foy at gmail.com>

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