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DBI v2 - The Plan and How You Can Help

Once upon a time I said:


and wrote


which yielded:


(A little over $500 of that I effectively put in myself.)

My *sincere* thanks to all those who donated to the fund, especially
individuals. I had hoped for more corporate response with less from
individuals and I'm touched by the personal generosity shown.

I've not drawn any money from it yet and doubt that I will myself.
(I'm considering suggesting that the Perl Foundation make payments
from the fund to people making specific contributions to the DBI.
I'm thinking especially of work on a comprehensive test harness.
But I'll see how the developments below pan out before making
specific arrangements.)

So, that lead to:


Which sums up fairly well where I'm at: DBI v1 will rumble on for Perl 5
and DBI v2 will be implemented for Perl 6.

--- digression ---

At this point I'd like to make a slight digression to highlight the
amazing work going on in the Perl 6 community at the moment.
Especially Autrijus' Pugs project which has brought Perl 6 to life.
Literally. Take a look at:


and especially:


Yes, that really is Perl 6 code using the DBI being executed by Pugs.

That's great, and I was truly delighted to see it because it takes the
pressure off the need to get a DBI working for Perl 6 - because it
already is working for Perl 6. At least for Pugs. (The Ponie project
is also likely to provide access to Perl 5 DBI from Perl 6 by enabling
future versions of Perl 5 to run on Parrot.)

--- digression ---

I have recently come to an arrangement that will enable me to put some
worthwhile development time into DBI (still very much part-time, but
enough to give it focus and move forward).

My initial goals are:

 1. to work on a more detailed specification for the DBI v2 API that
    takes advantage of appropriate features of Perl 6.

 2. to work on a more detailed specification for the DBDI API

 3. to work on tools to automate building Parrot NCI interfaces to
    libraries (such as database client libraries, obviously :)

But I'm hoping you'll join in and help out.

I've kept an eye on Perl 6 and Parrot developments but I'm no expert in
either. What I'd like *you* to do is make proposals (ideally fairly
detailed proposals, but vague ideas are okay) for what a Perl 6 DBI API
should look like.

Keep in mind that the role of the DBI is to provide a consistent
interface to databases at a fairly low level. To provide a *foundation*
upon which higher level interfaces (such as Class::DBI, Tangram, Alzabo
etc. in Perl 5) can be built.

So, if you have an interest in the DBI and Perl 6, put your thinking
cap on, kick back and dream a little dream of how the DBI could be.
How to make best use of the new features in Perl 6 to make life easier.

Then jot down the details and email them to me (or to dbi-users at perl.org
if you want to kick them around in public for a while first).

I'm about to fly off for two weeks vacation (in a few hours), blissfully
absent of any hi-tech gear beyond a mobile phone. When I get back I'll
gather up your emails and try to distill them into a coherent whole.

Have fun!


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