[Chicago-talk] Script design question

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Mon Dec 19 10:26:57 PST 2005

-- "Young, Darren" <Darren.Young at ChicagoGSB.edu>

>> This is one of those cases where there is a relatively simple 
>> CPAN module
>> that does this exact thing, and it does it well.  It's called
>> Parallel::ForkManager.
> This one look perfect, think I'll start with this. I'd much rather 'buy'
> rather than build.

One advantage in this case for S::P is that the queue
can be built up in advance (the array of closures).
With P::FM you end up having to incorporate its execution
into your loop. 

P::S grew out of a situation where we had to bzip, gzip,
or just move several hundred files per day based on their
size and type. Building the queue with a for loop on 
advance from the paths and just passing it into runque
helped simplify the logic.

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