[Chicago-talk] YAPC::NA::2006

Andy Bach andy_bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov
Tue Dec 13 18:42:32 PST 2005

How about a set of queries: who what where when (why?) which'll do 
searches against the agenda.
my $conf = new YAPC::NA::2006; 
print "Andy is doing: ", $conf->who('lester'), " at ", join(", ", 
$conf->who('lester')->when() ), "\n";

Or something like that. I'd guess the answer to 'well, which way should 
it work?' would be 'as many as possible:
who(lastname => 'lester')
when(lastname => 'lester', subject => 'testing');

why() could return session synopsis or something.

Just a WA idea ...


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