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Stowe, Nola NStowe at TheTTGroup.com
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I'm an Ultra-Edit fan as well. Very handy. The studio version has some nice
features. I wrote up an review/comparison between UltraEdit and UltraEdit
Studio at
ltraEdit-Studio-5 I do mainly PHP (Yeah yeah, Andy is working on converting
me)  so I don't know if the features I highlighted for PHP would also apply
to perl.

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> My entire Perl life (10 years now), I've been using vim for editing my
perl programs.
> It's fair to say I've written a million lines of perl code in vim. 
> Though I love vim, I don't want to be missing out on things that could 
> make my life easier. I'm wondering, what do you use for your Perl IDE?
> I've recently started looking at Komodo, Eclipse, and Xcode. Any 
> thumbs up or down on those? Any pointers in other directions?

When on windows, I use UltraEdit.  Decent syntax highlighting, SFTP save-as,
etc.  I think that it's only $35, so it's not too pricey.
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