[Chicago-talk] folding multiple newlines at eof

Brian Katzung briank at kappacs.com
Tue Aug 16 08:16:46 PDT 2005

Jason Perkins wrote:
> I'm attempting to convert runs of multiple newlines at the end of  
> files into a single newline. The following one liner is converting  
> all runs of newlines throughout the file to a single newline:
> find . -name '*.php' -exec perl -00 -pi -e 's/\n{2,}$/\n/s' {} \;
> Can anyone suggest a means of correcting the behaviour? Explanations  
> with your fix even more greatly appreciated so that I can figure this  
> out on my own next time.

find . -name '*.php' -exec perl -0777 -pi -e 's/\n{2,}$/\n/s' {} \;

Explanation: -00 slurps paragraphs; -0777 slurps files. See -0 option in 
man perlrun.

   - Brian

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