[Chicago-talk] Basset Tutorial

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 10:29:18 PDT 2005

For those of you thinking, "hey, I might want to look at Basset, but
how do I get started?", I have something for you, a brand new


I'd written up a small one page tutorial last year which introduced
some of the basic concepts and nothing more. This is a brand spanking
new, much bigger one that actually delves into some advanced topics.
Of course, the pod is always beneficial to read in addition to the

Covers basics of setting up users, permissioning, persistence,
inheritance, templates, you name it. This one I do plan on extending
with further docs as I roll out modules and get opinions.

If anybody would like me to cover something that's not in there, drop
me a note and I'll see about adding some examples.

Feedback encouraged.


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