[Chicago-talk] Graphing (plotting) time-series data?

Greg Fast gdf at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 13 15:44:04 PDT 2005

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 17:00:55 -0500, "Wiggins d'Anconia" <wiggins at danconia.org> wrote:
> GD::Graph can graph just about any data set just about anyway, 
> especially when combined with ImageMagick, but again you would have to 
> handle the time series data structure yourself and supply it correctly 
> to the module. If you haven't checked it out you might want to.

It's not just handling the data bit, but the labelling bit.  The data
isn't going to be gappy, and generating dated axis labels by hand is
something I'd rather not do.

Greg Fast

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