[Chicago-talk] Graphing (plotting) time-series data?

Greg Fast gdf at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 13 08:00:04 PDT 2005

Does anyone have any recommendations for a module for generating
time-series data plots?  You know, your typical 2-d value-vs-time

The best bet on CPAN seems to be Chart::Strip (the only recently updated
module that even supports time series data, afaict), but it's a little
to limited and finicky.  (I could modify it, but if I'm going down that
road I should just pull out the module I wrote waaay back in '95...)

I'd rather have something perlish, but I'll happily entertain non-perl
suggestions.  Just so long as they're a) relatively simple to use and b)
relatively simple to install/package.  I tend to start these project with
gnuplot, but...  it doesn't do time series either.  I like JFreeChart
a lot, but I consistently get frustrated by its random documentation.

Greg Fast

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