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Jon Amundsen jamundsen at jamundsen.dyndns.org
Sun Sep 19 11:07:24 CDT 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 10:41:26AM -0500, Andy Lester wrote:
> >oldparse.t passes the 'nested-comment' test?  So...  I am now 
> >suspecting the 'new_from_*' calls as not performing some step when 
> >wrapping the lower level calls...?  Hopefully I'll find time today to 
> >dig deeper...
> >
> Beautiful.  This is exactly the sort of thing I thought we might dig up.
> xoxo,
> Andy
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Well... I haven't found it yet, but added some new tests.  Also, at http://jamundsen.dyndns.org/phalanx/ I have coverage for verious svn version numbers run.  I've cron'd it daily at midnight, so what ever version we're at will show up.  After a week or so I'll probably add something to trim all but the last 7.  That way we can see our progress!


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