[Chicago-talk] perl DBI/OO developers for Chicago with PROMOD

Richard Moss rich at mossltd.com
Tue Sep 14 10:50:55 CDT 2004

One of the clients I represent is a private financial firm that is looking
for some perl developers to join their growing IT staff.  They look for
strong OO perl and perl DBI programmers who have extensive experience
writing regular expressions to parse and load data into databases.  You'll
have to have s thorough understanding of SQL (Sybase preferred),
Solaris/Linux and shell scripting for these jobs.  You'll be rewarded with
an opportunity to work for one of the best perl development shops in the US,
with an opportunity to write robust perl applications.  They are looking for
people who have experience with PROMOD software as well.  If any of you are
interested in this, or know where to look for people with perl and PROMOD,
give me a call.


Rich Moss


Moss Search, LTD




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