[Chicago-talk] Tonight's meeting

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Tue Sep 7 14:50:53 CDT 2004

Tonight's Perl Monster Garage will be a first-time experiment in
Perl Kwalitee.  Chicago.PM has adopted HTML::Tree as our module as
part of the Phalanx project.  At tonight's meeting, we'll be adding
tests, checking documentatation, and generally cleaning up HTML::Tree.
HTML::Tree has been around for a while, but could use some more tests
to improve its coverage.

(For more about Phalanx, go to qa.perl.org/phalanx and

Our plan is this:

1) Run coverage statistics on HTML::Tree using the Devel::Cover module.
This will tell us which parts of the module are not getting tested by
the test suite.

2) Identify the biggest gaps in coverage.

3) Write new tests to exercise those parts of the code.

4) Keep an eye out for places where docs need improving.

One of the key elements in writing tests and going over a module is that
code and documentation and tests must all be in agreement.  Tests that
test something different than the documentation explains indicates a
problem, for example.

We'll be doing this live, interactively, on the big screen.  I'll be
running the keyboard, but the meeting as a group will be working together.
Consider it "group programming," analogous to pair programming in
Extreme Programming.  Maybe it's XXP!

At the end of the night, we should have changes that we can send back
to Sean Burke for inclusion in the module distribution.  However, if we
need to do more than what we can get done tonight, we'll identify those
areas and divvy up tasks among the members.

I'd like to have someone act as a recorder of what happens, so that we
can report our experiences to other Perl Monger groups who want to do
this, too.  What worked, what didn't, etc.

If you bring a laptop, you'll be able to use the network to pull down
the code (or download HTML::Tree v3.18 yourself beforehand).  It may
turn out that we break into smaller groups to work, depending on how
many laptops people bring.

We'll also be hanging out in IRC on the irc.perl.org server in the
#perl-qa channel.  Sean Burke (TorgoX) will be joining us, and others
may help along the way.

I don't know exactly how things will go, except that we'll have fun
doing it and learn a lot along the way.

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