[Chicago-talk] meeting space

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Fri Oct 15 11:14:19 CDT 2004

Apparently I'm going to be giving a talk on HTML::Template. I'll probably also give a 
short pro/con talk about H:T vs TT vs Mason.

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 10:58:57 -0500
  Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com> wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 06:21:59PM -0500, JT Smith (jt at plainblack.com) wrote:
>> The bad news is that the only day I could get it was Nov 17th. The rooms 
>> are all booked the first week due to the election, and the second week due 
>> to a book drive. So we officially have Wednesday, November 17th as our next 
>> meeting date at the Grayslake public library.
>Thanks for the legwork.
>So who's going to be speaking?
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