[Chicago-talk] Qualify Skills?

Scott T. Hildreth shild at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 4 18:20:54 CDT 2004

All this skill talk has reminded me to post a job opening to the list.
We are looking for a developer/analyst (I think official title is 
Programmer/Analyst :-) ).  Actually here is the web posting, 
http://www.allantgroup.com/overview/job_pa.html.  If you have experience
with RDBMS (Oracle big plus), mysql, Perl (DBI/DBD, we use Perl to
process records, load DB's, Reporting, ...etc), C (not necessary), Java
(most our web development is in Java, I don't think it is a requirement)
and are interested send me a resume at shildreth at allantgroup.com.  I can
get it to the manager who is hiring, I told him I would post to the
list. Brief and incomplete description, but if you are interested  I can
fill you in more.  The company is located at (basically) RT 59 & I88.


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