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Subject: Perl DBI: Tenth birthday, Roadmap, and Call for Funding

> Perl DBI: Tenth birthday, Roadmap, and Call for Funding
> =======================================================
> *** Birthday ***
> The first public release of the Perl DBI was ten years ago,
> on the 12th of October 1994.
> Those ten years have seen the DBI rapidly become the standard
> database interface for Perl applications.  It is used worldwide, in
> countless applications, in every kind of business, and on platforms
> from clustered super-computers to hand-held PDAs.  Over 40 database
> interface drivers are available, covering all common databases and
> many not-so-common ones.
> I am delighted by this. I am also deeply indebted to the countless
> people who have contributed to this work and to the DBI user community
> over the years. Especially to the authors of database drivers.
> Thank you.
> *** Roadmap ***
> I have written a "DBI Roadmap" document to give an overview of my
> development plans for the DBI. It covers performance, high
> availability and load balancing, testing, batch statements, Unicode,
> database portability, and more.  A formatted version can be seen at:
>   http://search.cpan.org/~timb/DBI/Roadmap.pod
> Please take a moment to read it now.
> *** Call For Funding ***
> Almost all the development of the DBI over the last 10 years has
> been done in my own spare time. My consultancy work and family
> commitments limit my spare time now.
> In order to implement these significant enhancements myself
> (and devote time to effectively coordinate others who may help me)
> I would like to be able to take some time each week away from my
> consultancy business and devote it to making DBI enhancements that
> everyone can benefit from.
> * Donate *
> The Perl Foundation (TPF) has kindly agreed to setup a DBI Development
> fund to which donations can be made (which are tax deductable in the US).
> An assigned Grant Manager will manage the fund and make payments from
> it in response to agreed DBI enhancements being implemented.
> If your company has benefited from the DBI then this is an opportunity
> to both give back, by way of thanks, and help ensure greater benefits
> in the future. Please take time out to consider if your company
> could make a contribution:
>   http://dbi.perl.org/donate/
> * Sponsor *
> Alternatively, if your company would benefit from a specific new DBI
> feature, please consider sponsoring its development through my
> consulting company, Data Plan Services. Work is performed rapidly, and
> usually on a fixed-price payment-on-delivery basis. Contact me for
> details.
> Using such targeted financing allows you to contribute to DBI
> development, and rapidly get something specific and valuable in return.
> * Support *
> My company also offers annual and multi-annual support contracts
> for the DBI. These provide longer-term sustained support for DBI
> development, and longer-term sustained value for you in return.
> Contact me for details.
> Thank you.
> Tim Bunce

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