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Whoops.  I meant to change the subject line.  Sorry folks.


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> Hi All,
> I just sent out a message to LUNI and DGLUG, so it's probably a
> buuuut, you folks are my favorite mailing list, even though I rarely post,
> and almost never attend meetings.  I know we hate Python, but I figure
> a good idea to keep a list of people that like the language, so when the
> LAMP/P/P wars break out, we'll know who to attack:
> Hello All,
> I like Chicago area users groups.  I also like Python.  Although there is
> Chicago Python Meetup, I can't attend the meetings.  I keep looking for
> Chicago Python mailing lists, and find none.
> If anyone knows of a Chicago Python Users groups, and I'm doing something
> that's already been done, let me know.  Otherwise, if you're interested in
> Python, and live in the greater Chicagoland area, I invite you to join yet
> another mailing list:
> http://lonelylion.com/mailman/listinfo/chipy
> chiPy, the Chicago-area Python Users Group.
> Chris McAvoy
> chris at lonelylion dot com
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