[Chicago-talk] Subroutine sorter

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Sat Mar 27 21:32:56 CST 2004

I'd just like my subroutines in alphabetic order.

As I'm writing, I tend to create my subroutines as I need them, right by
where I call them (the first time).  But as the code gets bigger, I like to
have them in alphabetic order so I can find them easy.

I know I can just search for them (in VIM) but I just like 'em in order.
Its a pain rearranging them after the fact, and it inconvenient coding in
order before the fact

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> > Anyone have a utility (script, one-liner) that I can feed in a package
> > lots of subroutines) and it would spit out the same code with the subs
> > sorted in alphabetic order?
> Why?  What's the goal ultimately?  Would the POD get sorted with it?
> xoa
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