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Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Mon Mar 22 19:18:12 CST 2004

-- Jim Thomason <jthomasoniii at yahoo.com>

> Anybody have any recommendations about good books
> dealing with re-factoring huge amounts of code? Either
> from OO -> better OO or from procedural -> OO.
> Something with practical strategies and approaches to
> take would be ideal.

REFACTORING: Improving the Design of Existing Code	
Fowler, Martin	   	1999	
Contents: Refactoring, First Example; Principles in Refactoring;
Bad Smells in Code; Building Tests; Toward a Catalog
of Refactorings; Composing Methods; Moving Features Between
Objects; Organizing Data; Simplifying Conditional Expressions;
Making Method Calls Simpler; Dealing with Generalization;
Big Refactorings; Refactoring, Reuse, & Reality; Refactoring
Tools; Putting It All Together.	
431	List: $49.99     YOUR PRICE 47.99

Fowler is the only OO/UML author I can stand to read. He
is a working software consultant who uses the methods
becasue the work in his pratice. I've seen parts of this
book before and they tended to make sense.

OpAmp can ship the book immediatly (http://www.opamp.com/
or +1 800 468 4322... gads: I've memorized the number of
my tech book supplier!).

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