[Chicago-talk] Re: [Chicago-announce] Driving to tomorrow's meeting from Wisconsin

Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Mon Mar 1 10:48:43 CST 2004

Fruncek, John wrote:

> Hello,


> My friend Jim Edwards and I are planning to drive from Milwaukee tomorrow
> for the meeting, is anyone aware of traffic hassles construction or detour
> along the I-94 route?

I usually pass through Milwaukee during what I asume to be 'rush hour', 
the only construction I've seen in recent months on the way to 
Chicago.pm has been the oasis that is closed for renovations 
approximately a half a mile north of the Town Line Rd exit. Of course 
this only stops you if you were expecting to get food there.

As for more recent, localized construction in Chicago, someone else 
would have to answer that for you.

I'd propose a car-pool effort from Milwaukee, except I tend to not care 
as much when I get home as other people... maybe next time.

> John
>>John Fruncek
>>Information Technology- Business Systems
>>A Subsidiary of Quad/Graphics

Nifty, I drive past Quad/Graphics on my way down :]

--Jonathan Steinert

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