[Chicago-talk] new camelbones (0.2.1)

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 12:28:13 CST 2004

--- petemar1 <petemar1 at perlmonk.org> wrote:
> How does camelbones compare to SWIG?

I'm not familiar with SWIG, but in poking through its
docs a bit, they appear to be completely different

Camelbones works as a bridge between perl and OS X's
AppKit framework. And that's all it does.

Using it, you can write full fledged OS X applications
in perl (or mostly perl, I haven't reviewed 0.2.1
completely yet, I know the earlier versions required
at least some objective-C for some things). 

So you want some OS X gui to your perl app? You'd use
camelbones to do it. There are other ways to access
your perl code, but they involve more objective-C. In
terms of analogies, it's closest to using Tk. Except
you get an interface builder (namely, coincidentally
enough, Interface Builder (one of apple's tools)), an
excessive amount of options for interface, and a
resulting product that looks like it belongs on OS X.

(I may be getting ahead of myself, admittedly, since I
haven't kept up with Tk developments under OS X)

Regardless, as I understand it, SWIG and Camelbones
serve completely different purposes.


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