[Chicago-talk] Best perl editor on Linux?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Wed Jan 28 00:24:00 CST 2004

-- "Young, Aaron" <Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com>

> so, is someone looking over you shoulder when you go into these sites
> laughing at your lack of vi skillz?

If I bill by the hour bring up dead servers that someone
is loosing money on by the minute: damn right. It also
happens when I'm on a site and the sysadmin doesn't like
people playing with their toys: any excuse to hassle me
will be happily used by the in-house folks.

> It seems to me that any site that has the stock vi installed doesn't
> care a thing about vi.  No one that uses it seriously looks at vim (or
> any other clone) and says,
> Nah, that's all too complicated, I'll stick with one level undo.

I never said they should have only one level of undo, just
that attaching the differing behavior to 'u' made it harder.
Vile pickes up pieces of emacs for that, which leaves the
original keys unchanged.

I also never said it was complicated, just that playing with
existing keystrokes makes existing muscle memory a problem.
Stevie, Elvis, and vile managed to extend vi without breaking
at least the keystrokes I use.

If all you work with is vim then it probably works out fine.
I move around too much, I guess, to have that luxury.

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