[Chicago-talk] Best perl editor on Linux?

Scott T. Hildreth shild at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 26 18:37:18 CST 2004

Has anybody else gotten this reply 10 times?

On 27-Jan-2004 Wiggins d'Anconia wrote:
> Steven Lembark wrote:
>> -- "Young, Aaron" <Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com>
>>> what syntax did they break?
>> The thing that bites me most often is 'u'. Typing "uu"
>> in other vi editors dues a duble-undo, which removes and
>> replaces the last change. This is nice for getting back
>> to the location of your last change or seeing its effects.
>> In vim 'u' backs out multiple changes, which can be a real
>> hassle if you are used to 'u' getting someplace and end up
>> typing it 2-3 times...
> Yikes, to me that is the best improvement possible...to each their own, 
> but Vim does come with vi compatibility mode, and most of the individual 
> options can be handled separately... from the Vim docs:
> "Multi level undo.                                       |undo|
> 'u' goes backward in time, 'ctrl-R' goes forward again.  Set option
> 'undolevels' to the number of changes to be remembered (default 1000).
> Set 'undolevels' to 0 for a vi-compatible one level undo. Set it to
> -1 for no undo at all."
> Next?  ;-)
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