[Chicago-talk] Class::Accessor uses a hashref - a question ofstyle

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Jan 25 17:48:45 CST 2004

Sure, I don't mean to say that I always use hashes (although I do like them,
because they are sorta self documenting), obviously if something only takes
a single arg I'd use a scalar, but when some parms are optional, a hash is

But my question was really: When using hashes for my parameter list is it
better to use a hash or hashref

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> > Now the question:  Is it just a personal preference to use a hash or a
> > hashref when creating a class.  Or is one one syntax preferred by those
> > people who make the rules?
> Hash ref's are common because people are used to C
> structs for thier objects. The $obj->{name} syntax
> is reasonably flexable and more descriptive than,
> say, arrays with positional access in most cases.
> So... people use hashes.
> For lazy instantiation scalars are often simpler;
> Tim Bunce chose to use an empty anon hash for its
> unique conversion to text; he could just as well
> have used a scalar in most cases. For queues it
> is often easier to use an array, since you can just
> shift @$obj; iterators are more easily done with
> closures (i.e., sub referent) that process the
> iteration.
> Net result is that there are situations where
> hashes are not all that convienent (especially
> queues). It's probably a good idea to think hard
> about what you are going to do with the object and
> how it will be used before blindly implementing it
> as a hash every time [hey: designing before you
> implement, maybe I could get a patent... :-].
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