[Chicago-talk] Dynamic @INC builder?

Young, Aaron Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com
Fri Jan 23 12:15:07 CST 2004

Just a thought

Is it not possible to just use the PERLLIB environment variable on the
different machines?

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> > > 1) Does this already exist?
> > 
> > Steven's FindBin::libs [1] (which I installed this
> > morning) is a similar
> > tool for handling situations like this. I think you
> > would need to synch up the 
> > names of your library locations though:
> AFAIK, it does require a specific directory structure,
> but I'm sure Steven will correct me if I'm wrong. It
> does look like the closest thing to what I'm
> suggesting, but I still don't like being locked into a
> particular structure.
> > I like the config idea, but then you have the
> > problem of which config file
> > to use in different environments no? 
> Yes, that is a bit of the rub. I'm leaning towards a
> central config file that can be alterred to point to
> additional config files on a per user basis. Requires
> the SysAdmin to edit that central file to add in a new
> developer, but then the developer can twiddle their
> own config file after that. Ideally, I'd like to get
> that other person out of the loop.
> I'm considering having a default config file just be
> "~/libfinder.cfg" or the like, but that brings back in
> the home directory to the mix, and I'm not sure I like
> that. Just one of my quirks - I like config file paths
> to be absolute.
> -Jim.......
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