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Chris McAvoy mcavoy76 at hotmail.com
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I haven't.  I have, however, been reading about the Ebay API / SDK recently,
and it seems pretty cool.  You can do all kinds of Ebay-like things through
the M$ family of languages via a SDK, or through pure XML call and response
through anyone that can speak XML.

Once you have an application working in the Ebay sandbox, it needs to be
validated, which costs $.  It's $100 if you want to use the app for yourself
or your company, and gives you 5000 calls per month.  Larger options are


All in all, I'm really impressed with the tools they offer, now I just need
to find something to sell.  Also, O'Reilly has an Ebay Hacks book, which I
believe covers the Developer program, and other uh, "Ebay Hacks".

I love this API trend, Amazon, Google, Ebay, Paypal (sort of).  So many
great tools.  It's entirely possible to run a profitable business with next
to no up front costs.

As an example, I run a smallish game server at http://games.lonelylion.com.
One game, a Tradewars clone (remember BBS's?) is pretty popular.  I set up a
donations button through paypal.  For every dollar a player donates, they
get X in game credits to buy new ships, ray guns, and the like.  The user
donates through paypal, then paypal makes a call to a script I've got on my
site, that says, "user so and so just donated $X", then the script gives
them their reward.  It took all of an hour or so to set up.  In the couple
of months its been running, I've made enough to upgrade the server, which
made everyone happy.


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> > Has anyone ever successfully logged in to eBay using WWW::Mechanize?
> Quite probably.
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