[Chicago-talk] compiling perl 5.8.3 on aix 4.3.3

Dooley, Michael Dooley.Michael at con-way.com
Fri Jan 23 08:13:02 CST 2004

I got it from a GNU mirror for AIX.
I also got perl 5.8.2 from the same site. I ended up getting perl 5.8.2 from
this site also and it works.

alas I still cant comile perl tho. or any other package. I think I might be
missing some libs, im not to familure with AIX so I will have to track down
how to check and ensure I have all the proper libs.

all the GNU bin and src are in /pub

Bulls freeware does have a good deal of stuff for aix but it carries some of
the most outdated packages. IE: perl for aix 4.3 only goes up to 5.0.


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> I just installed the binary package of gcc 2 mins ago.
> Mike
Allow me to play devil's advocate. Where did you get this gcc for AIX?
Bull freeware is generally best for AIX. I don't believe they have
gcc 3.3 for aix 4.3.3. You may have a bum distribution. I will try
this at work. 

Bradley Slavik
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