[Chicago-talk] compiling perl 5.8.3 on aix 4.3.3

Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov
Thu Jan 22 14:15:39 CST 2004

Hmm so:
/usr/local/bin/cc -b ...

gets the same msg?
gcc -b ...
gets?  'cause you can often to
make CC=gcc (or is it
CC=gcc make
to get gcc itself as the compiler.  Depends upon how well behaved the rest 
of the make is.

(oh, and is that /usr/ccs/ or /usr/ccs/bin?) - sorry, Solaris says the 
same sort of "you must buy ..." stuff so, I guessed ;->.


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