[Chicago-talk] Using Storable to exchange data between 2 processes

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Thu Jan 22 10:48:55 CST 2004

> From your description, perhaps a DBM file accessed by the two
> processes would work well?  The "writer" can write records to the db
> as they're read, and the "reader" can just open the db read-only.
> I don't know if windows would give you "sharing violations" (bah).

No good way to share a DBM file between proc's on hetro O/S
boxes that I know of. Probably simpler to use message passing
to move data structures used to init the objects. If you need
persistence then have a master node store the permenant copies
via tie.

DBI might work for this. Combined with a bit of MySQL it'd
give you a way to exchange the data over a network at the
expense of having to glob-ify it in MySQL. You could tie a
hash in each of the proc's to MySQL (i.e., relational instead
of ISAM) and use DBI for your message passing via query on
a set of passed-around keys.

The catch is finding a reliable way to pass the keys around,
which requires messages, which leaves messages as the most
reasonable way to pass simple data structures around in the
first place.

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